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Fluid Density

Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer

Part #120-50: Single Cell / Part #120-52: Dual Cell


By measuring the change in velocity of an acoustic signal, the Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer provides a continuous non-destructive method of determining compressive strength as a function of time.


Method of Operation

The cement slurry to be tested is placed in an autoclave unit with temperature and pressure adjusted to simulate downhole conditions. An acoustic signal is then transmitted through the cement sample. As the strength of the cement increases over time, the faster the acoustic signal travels through the sample.


A computer running customized Windows®-based software










Single-Cell UCA, 16.000 PSI

Dual-Cell UCA, 16.000 PSI



Spare parts for one years operation UCA for 120-50

Spare parts for one years operation UCA for 120-52

measures the transit times of the signal over time and interpolates the compressive strength values. This data is available in real time onscreen and is also stored in an Excel spreadsheet for easy graphical viewing and printing.


Features and Specifications




Single: 15" x 24" x 18" (38 x 61 x 45.8 cm)
Dual: 15" x 40" x 18" (38 x 122 x 46 cm)



Single: 85 lb (39 kg)
Dual: 170 lb (78 kg)